AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC

How long does it take to complete the publishing process with TTE?

Up to 30 business days, excluding holidays.

Why is there only base prices offered?

Because editing is individualize for every manuscript, we cannot determine the amount of editing will be needed to publish a book. So, during the manuscript evaluation process, we are able to determine a complete price quote that includes the following: * Base Price ** Editing Service ** Graphic Design Service (IF needed) ** Illustration Service (IF needed)

What type of books do you publish?

We publish books aligned with the following topics and categories in business, education, relationships, parents and families, personal development, and professional development: * Neuroscience * Mental Health * Social Skills * Spiritality * Mysticism * Faith-Based

Who do you work with?

We publish authors that are at least 21 years of age.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, with 2 payments as the maxium. 50% deposit to get started based on your price quote. Then your remaining balance is due upon completion of, or before, the final book being published and retail distribution.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds.

Can I bring in my own illustrations and graphic designs.

Yes, but we must approve the quality of any outside work as we want to ensure all books that we publish are of high quality standard.

Can I hire my own editor?

Yes and no. Yes, of course you can have anyone you want work on your manuscript PRIOR to bringing it to us for publishing. No, because all editing at TTE Publishing is in-house. This is to ensure the quality of the work being published. Don't worry, we will not change the message or content of your work. We just want to be sure that your story flows seamlessly and without grammatical errors from start to finish.

How much will I earn in royalties?

Authors with TTE Publishing receive 60% of royalties. When it comes to children's books, some illustrators request a percentage of the royalties. If this is the case for your book production, you will and the illustrator will negotiate how to split the 60%. This is standard and professional practice for royalties. Other self-publishing companies offer 100% royalties, but you should note that is not what you will really earn. Instead, you will earn 100% of the remainder of royalties after the publishing company has deducted their earning percentage. Therefore, the offer of 100% royalties is designed as a marketing stragety to mislead authors.

Do you help with marketing?

No, marketing is something you will have to do on your own or outsource. This is why we are able to lower base prices for publishing.