Tam Taylor, PhD

Founder / CEO / Publsiher

Neuro MYND Coach


Author "Seasons of Preparation: Understanding the Directions of Life"

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It's NOT About Reading

It's About Teaching


TTE Publishing is more about teaching than it is about reading. I know, that seems different considering that book publishers tend to have a passion for reading. But, that's not the case for me. You see, before re-inventing myself into Dr. Tam, the Neuro MYND Coach,  psychologist, and publisher, I was a K-12 special educator for 15 years. As a former special education teacher I worked with every disability there is in the regular, resource, and self-contained classrooms from students (ages 5-18) with mild learning disabilities, to severe intellecutal disabilities, to autism (high and low functioning), to extreme (sometimes even violent) mood disorders and behavior problems. But, what I saw and learned about education was disheartening, disappointing, and unfulfilling to say the least. From the national, state, and district level educational systems, to the parenting, to the students the reality of education was far disconnected from the theroy of what eduation should be. Then, I was reminded that to be an edducator did NOT mean I had to limit myself to being a teacher in the education industry. So, where did that leave me?

While still teaching in the schools, I decided to began the process of reinventing myself as an educator OUTSIDE of the traditional sense and OUTSIDE of the educational industry. That included me getting graduate and doctorate degrees in psychology, human behavior, and counseling. Then continuing my learning, training, and practice in neuroscience, metaphysics, mysticism, and altered states of consciousness. Why these areas of focus? Because it is what had always been drawn to. Life beyond school is where people often face they greatest challenges and find their most significant meaning. This is not taught in schools and yet it plays a significant role in the quality of people's lives. So, I'm NOT saying that school is not important. It has its place and purpose when implemented with integrity and true excellence. But I learned that my place and purpose was not in the confines of the educational structure. So, ready to take my next big steps I built my corporations, AlphaMYND Intelligence and TTE Publishing, teaching and coaching people in the matters of their subconscious MYNDs.

How does this all translate into teaching?

One of the most effective ways of teaching and learning is through storytelling and the personalization that comes with one-on-one coaching and training. Both AlphaMYND Intelligence and TTE Publishing provide just that. AlphaMYND Intelligence is an alternative neuro health and consciousness practice. There I speak at many different events and provide non-conventional neuro MYND coachng and training to clients. TTE Publishing is the place that allows people to connect with their audiences and become teachers directly through stroytelling. So, in reinventing myself from a traditional K-12 teacher to an educator in the neuro MYND field I now focus my attetion on teaching people about MYND over Mind through storytelling and coaching and provide a platform for others to become teachers of similar topics.


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